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  THE QUID (L-R) Len Fidkalo, Ron Rene, Bill Pavlik, Colin Palmer, Morley Nickles




  above advert from the EINARSON collection.2011



 The Quid, A great band from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, The band picture is taken at the Twilight Zone club 1965. Picture features Ron Rene on vocals, Morley Nichols on Bass, Al Johnston on Drums, Colin Palmer, and Bill Pavlik on Guitars. Their were two other drummers with the band at different times, Lenny Fidkalo and Dwayne St. Marie. Bob Barton was a singer with this band also. Ron went on to "The Fifth" and was always a great voice and front man. He unfortunatly left the music scene which prompted Burton Cummings to sing a line in one of the Guess who songs, "And fade away, Like Ron Rene, Allright." To Bad...