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 Well we know our first personal manager Terry Morris will well remember how this picture became reality.Back i the Spring of 1966, we realized that simply playing dance music would not cut it in the bar & club scene as 95% of the rooms were show-based -  NO DANCE FLOORS OUCH! Terry Morris gave us a play-by-play of what he saw when he toured the Toronto Rock & Club scene and said you have to put on a show - so get creative! And thanks to Terry's vision we DID! This was to the Champs tune  "TEQUILA" so we dressed it up and dropped some jaws with the routines and rock sound music. The above picture was taken in WAWA ONTARIO- MelAire Showroom- and theyheld us over for the entire summer of 1966! Imagine, Lake Superior, U of Toronto, many young lady students, all coming to the resort town for summer jobs- couldn't get much better than this!

 Hi to all the Wawa Alumni of the MelAire 1966! 

 -Ron Paley July 2014