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solar rift orchestra

 The SRO, formerly The Pawnbrokers, 1969. Managed and booked by Quasimodo (Don Hunter). Left to right: Dave Frederickson (organ), Ron Oswald (rhythm guitar), Bill Choma (bass), Donny Anderson (with cigarette, vocals), Brian Drolet (drums), John Einarson (lead guitar). I had seen a photo of Jeff Beck in suspenders and thought it might work for me. We rehearsed at a shop, Elston Industries, on Church AVE. in the Inkster industrial area in the North End. Cool place to practice.

-John Einarson 2011


 above 2 photos courtesy of Gillian Oswald 

  Solar Rift Orchestra performs in Eatons Teen Shop.

 Left to right: Bill Choma (bass), John Einarson (lead guitar), Kenny Winn (vocals), Dave Connors (drums) and Ron Oswald (rhythm guitar). Dave Frederickson's Yamaha organ also shown.