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 ^^^^Daniel Morgan MacNeill (1913 – 2003) is the unknown standing on the stage (Pianist / Arranger) for Marsh.  He left the band in late 1942 to join the Navy and never returned to Winnipeg.-Iain MacNeill 2012


  From the Bottom.

 Mickey Shannon (Drums)

 Gil “Stoney” Hanson (Sax)


 Stan “Gus” Gallant  (1st Trumpet)

 Lloyd Semers  (2nd Trumpet)

 Daniel Morgan MacNeill  (Piano / Arrangement)

 Wally Koster  (Tenor & Trombone)

 Henry “Hank” Morrison (Tenor Sax)

 Ed Peterson (1st Trombone)

 Marsh Phimister (Band Leader / Bass / Arrangement )