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Staircase: Right to Left - Julie Opocensky, Gilles Carriere, Rick Gallant, Janet Opocensky, Ken Schultz, Bob Gallant




-Featuring Julie Opocensky (Masi)

ManMaid was a rock group originating from southern Manitoba in the late 1960’s.The last performance was in April 1970. It was a regrouping of rock groups from Dominion City, Emerson, St. Pierre and Letellier. Most of the venues they performed at were community centers in that area although they did perform alongside many other groups at a University of Manitoba Students Union show.

The most notable member of the group was Julie Opocensky (Masi) who went on with her music career in studio work and eventually performed with Ron Paley and the Parachute Club.

The group was made up of Julie & Janet Opocensky, Ken Schultz, Gilles Carriere, Bob & Rick Gallant.

Mural: Right to Left – Rick Gallant, Julie Opocensky, Ken Schultz, Bob Gallant, Janet Opocensky, Gilles Carriere