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The Manitoba Music Museum is a website dedicated to the Musicians of Manitoba.


Ken Flamand started singing and playing guitar in his teens. Ken has played with many other Manitoba musicians, First was the Harder Brothers, Pete and Nick. In 1960 Ken, Pete and Wayne Link, the Trio played Hotels, Socials and Pubs for a few years. Then Ken joined Bert Todd and the Mystics Band, they were actually called The Road Kings, first for a while. In 1968 Ken and Wayne Link joined Art Young and the Country Gems, travelling in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the band members were, Art Young, Elmer Nault, Ray Rogers, Wayne Link and Ken Flamand. They were quite popular in Brandon, at which time they had line-ups outside the Hotel, from 1967 - 72. 
In 1961 Ken and Wayne entered in the C-Jay T.V. talent show and was proud to say they won the contest, first prize a clock radio each. (The picture attached). In 1977, Ken toured with Ferlin Huskey from Nashville, along with the Henry Brothers, on a Northern trip for a week of tours. Sometime in the 1970's Ken moved to Calgary to pursue his music career and continues to entertain in Calgary. Ken Flamand also had a few T.V. specials with CBC in the 1970's, one show was called Ken Flamand in Flin Flon, as for the others I don't remember the names. Ken has also received numerous awards thru out his career, recent ones from the MMF "Metis Pioneer Trail Brazier Award" in 2003, at the AGA.