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 1970.   The band consisted of Bob Parker (rear left) drums & sax, Wayne Hadfield (rear centre)  bass guitar & accordovox, Eugene Wiebe (rear right) rhythm & lead guitar & Laurie Mustard (seated  front) lead vocalist.


The band was formed in March 1970 and was very active in the Winnipeg bar scene until September 1971.

Their circuit included the following clubs and bars: The Chalet, Village Inn, Montcalm, Waldorf, Champs, Assiniboine, Maryland, Westminster, Charleswood, Tyndall, Curtis, Central, Black Knight, Dakota Village, Kildonan, Mall, La Salle, Princess, Windsorian, Marion, Empire, Marlborough Motor Inns & Hotels & Club 61.

  The band members have stayed connnected and at one reunion, recreated the original publicity photo. ( l-r rear) Bob Parker, Wayne Hadfield, Gene Wiebe  (seated, front) Laurie Mustard

 The band members continue to get together regularly, maintaining their 40+ year friendship.  (l-r rear) Bob Parker, Wayne Hadfield    (l-r front) Laurie Mustard, Gene Wiebe