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 I take no credit for the Chad Allan cover as far as the concept; that was his business manager, Susan Hoyes idea, not mine.

 It's an interesting story how I came to shoot it.

 I worked with a guy at Eatons called Hans Sipma, who did some photography for  Gar Gillies, (& was also roadie for the Mongrels). He originally did a shot for the  cover, then went away on vacation.

 In his abscence, Susan Hoyes phoned Eatons studio asking for Hans & I  answered the phone.

 She wanted the shot re-done with the Chad Allen doll in an over-stuffed chair.

 When I explained he was away for 2 weeks, she said she needed it done ASAP  to meet her deadline.,  naturally, I volunteered my services! So on my lunch hour,  I rushed over to the Goodwill Store, camera in hand.

 The b/w photo on the side table was actually a portrait that Hans had done.

 He has a 'thankyou' credit on the back of the LP sleeve. 

 JAMES BORDASS-photographer 2013