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BBob Nolan from the Manitoba Encyclopedia.

NOLAN, Bob, singer/songwriter, member of The Sons of the Pioneers, recording artist, movie actor (b April 13, 1908, Winnipeg MB; d June 16, 1980, Los Angeles CA, USA). As a songwriter Nolan wrote several classic cowboy songs including “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” and “Cool Water” and is honored in the Cowboy Hall of Fame (1971), the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1971), the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a star for the Sons of the Pioneers (1976), a designation as national treasures (the Sons of the Pioneers) at the Smithsonian Institute (1977), the Country Music Hall of Fame (1977), the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame (1993), and the Western Music Hall of Fame (1994). He also received a BMI (Broadcast Music Industry) award for his songwriting (1972). Born Clarence Robert Nobles he changed his name to Nolan after joining his father in Tucson AZ in 1921 before moving to California in 1929. There he formed The Sons of the Pioneers singing group with Roy Rogers and Tim Spencer releasing their first recordings in 1935 and later starring on national radio with Lucky U Ranch. That year he appeared in his first feature film The Old Homestead. Over the next two decades Nolan appeared in over 90 movies often alongside Rogers or with the group including Rio Grande (1950) with John Wayne and was the singing voice of actor Ken Maynard for In Old Santa Fe. Nolan left the Sons of the Pioneers in 1949, releasing his first solo album in 1953 before rejoining the group from 1955 to ‘58. He is credited with writing over 1200 songs in his career and was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005

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