Manitoba Music Museum

The Manitoba Music Museum is a website dedicated to the Musicians of Manitoba.


From L to R the members are:
Dave McCrea - bass
Fred Dawes - drums
Jeff Mander - guitar
Dave Au - vocals
Fred Winnick - guitar and vocals.

We were indeed a Garnet band but I think that the gear on stage is not all ours. Maybe it was a showcase gig?

I used a one of a kind, BTO, bass amp, with 6x 6CA7 output tubes
(150watts??) and 2 bottoms each with 3-15" speakers. Those were the days!

Fred had a BTO like the one on stage and Jeff had a SessionMan (I think that was the name) combo with 4-10" and around 90 watts. PA was a Garnet head (like the one on stage) but I can't recall which Garnet speakers we were using at that time. We tried a number of Garnet PA speaker cabinets over the years.

I also worked part time at Cam's Music while I was going to school so I knew the Gillies family well.

Dave McCrea