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Alan replaced Joey Gregorash in the Mongrels and was managed by Lorne Saifer – who presently manages Burton Cummings. Saifer got the group a contract w/RCA and later took the group to Chicago to record an album produced by Randy Bachman. The results were less than spectacular; the album was never released and the Mongrels were done.

Saifer took over management of Schick as a solo artist and the two departed for Los Angeles. A new contract w/MCA Records ensued and Schick recorded his only album – “Lucy Lucy Lucy”. “Lucy” was Lucy Giesbrecht…a high school friend who used to cut loose in her white saddle oxfords. She was the life of the party!

Performing on the album were former FIFTH members Vance Masters on drums, Mel Kzionsek on bass, Fred Redekopp and former Mongrels guitarist – Duncan Wilson.

Released in January 1974, “Lucy” was actually the “B” side of the single; the late Doc Steen of CKRC credited for giving the record its initial exposure.

“Lucy” was #1 locally, and #54 on the national chart.


 Hans Sipma -photo 

  Alan with Duncan Wilson


  Hans Sipma photo